Issue Three: Letters Page

We love hearing from you – thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

So with no further ado, here are some of the things people have been saying about Issue Two.

Hi guys!

Really loved this issue – used two of the articles (the Internet and Entertainment – Transformative Works, and the benefits of fandom) to explain to my nan why being part of a fandom (or three) is a good thing and not at all crazy 🙂

Roxanne (via email)

We’re glad you liked it, thanks for letting us know! That’s really good to hear. We think being a fan of things is really cool, but a lot of people don’t really understand it, so it’s great to know that our articles are helping to explain it to others. –Ed.

Oh dear. Good list! But have failed on two of these this year… This old biddy is wearing purple and getting giddier! 😀

Julie (via Twitter) on ‘What If You Run Into Someone You’re a Fan Of?

There is no failing, only alternative interpretations! We can only guess at what happened, but we’re sure everything was just fine. After all, the big rule is respect, and most fans have a lot of that. –Ed.

Arrgh this is my guilty pleasure! I just love watching this show,the skits are brilliant! Love that show!

filmgeekwatching on ‘The Past Is No Longer A Mystery

No need to feel guilty – embrace your love of Horrible Histories! After all, it’s educational, and nobody can argue with that. Besides, as far as we’re concerned, anything you enjoy is great for the very reason that you enjoy it! –Ed.

Great blog – I’m not a fan of anything in particular but you make me wish I was.

delunablog on ‘What Does Fandom Do For Us?

Thanks! Well, we’re sure you’ll find something you feel really passionate about and can get involved in the fandom of soon, if you want to. Why not check out some of the stuff we’ve reviewed for ideas? -Ed.

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