Fandom Wanderers: An Interview with the Team

This issue, we thought you might like to know a little about us, the editorial staff of this very website. We’re not as interesting as our previous guests, we know, so we’re keeping it brief – also we are rather shy and it was hard enough getting us to agree to answer this many questions. Still, we hope you find it informative!

So, here to answer your questions are Eleanor Musgrove, the mysterious Z. McAspurren, and Roxanne Williams. You may not remember our names, but if you’ve explored the site thoroughly you’ll have read articles by each of us. So what are our experiences of fandom?

What’s your favourite thing about being in fandom?
My favourite thing about being in a fandom is knowing that there’s someone out there going through exactly what I am when the season finale plays. And that I’m not just some sad lonely person in a room sobbing at the computer screen.

Z: The people. Even the ones that make you rage. It’s just … fun seeing all these different people having reactions that are similar to your own, or so vastly different, and that it’s the same media causing it.
E: Oh, rats, the other two have already said the people and it’ll be dead boring if I just follow the crowd. That’s what you get for being the last to respond, I suppose. I think apart from the obvious point of the awesome people I’ve come into contact with, my favourite thing about it has to be the energy – fandom’s constantly producing fanfic and t-shirts and memes and even real-world campaigns like Save Undershaw and the Harry Potter Alliance. It’s refreshing to be in an environment where enthusiasm flourishes and apathy isn’t the gold standard of cool.

What do you do when you’re not being a fan?
 When I’m not being a fan, I’m trying to function as a normal human being (trying to become a teacher here), but even then I spend more time writing than I should be (fanfiction, not essays. When it comes to essays, I spend less time writing than I should be).

Z: When I am not being a fan, I’m being a bit of an academic to be honest. A lot of time spent in dusty old archives researching historical documents. (…Yeah, I’m a student.)
E: When I’m not being a fan, I’m trying to meet deadlines and wandering around trying to learn things (sometimes even through studying)! I like to know a lot about a lot of things. One of my favourite hobbies is picking up languages – my current project is Romanian although I keep getting distracted by Italian due to my parents’ recent holiday. So I think I’m what you’d call a bit of a geek. Would you have guessed?

What are you a fan of that people might not know much about?
R: Probably X-Men Evolution, that I mentioned in the fandom entry article. It only ran for four seasons and ended eight years ago, but I didn’t get into the movies until later, so I suppose they were MY X-Men, but it was a really underrated show, because it didn’t adhere to the comics, so all the comic fans got snobby. And I like the writing challenge, trying to take the storylines they breezed over for the ‘kids’ and making them more 3D.
Z: Hm. The first thing that comes to mind is probably the CBBC show Young Dracula, but I’m sure there’s probably others. I’m a big fan of the comics Hero: 9 to 5 and Hypergirl, written by Ian Sharman. I really think they need to be better known than what they are. Particularly Hypergirl, considering all the issues that are surrounding females in comics. This one does it well.
E: I’m also a Young Dracula fan – with two fans on the team and a new series coming up, though, I’m sure we’ll be making sure you know more about it soon – so what else is there? Hmm. Oh, actually, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries probably fit this description. I love that series. It takes some doing to make a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice work that well.

And finally, if you could live in any place from any fictional universe ever, where would you pick?
If I could live anywhere, it would either be Hogwarts (if I didn’t have to do homework) or Hogsmeade (above Honeydukes). Actually, if I could live in Hogsmeade, running a little wizarding village primary school (do they have those? The kids must learn to write somewhere), and then live in Honeydukes at the weekend, that would be brilliant. Can I do that?

Z: Hm. It’s most likely going to be the Discworld, if I was honest about it. I think I’d like to live in Ankh-Morpork. Though… No, actually, I’d live in Lancre, and become a witch. That’d be cool. Failing that TAKE ME TO THE PYRODIAN ACADEMY!
E: Camelot. Any version of Camelot, to be honest. The one from the BBC’s Merlin, the one from Monty Python’s Holy Grail (however silly), the one from ITV’s Camelot – I just have an insane amount of love for Arthurian Legend and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. Failing that, Hogwarts or Cackle’s Academy would do but I’m afraid I’m a little old to be studying at either of those places!

So, there you have it, folks, a brief but bizarre insight into the minds of the team here at Fandom Wanderers. Fancy answering any of these questions yourself? Knock yourself out right here in the comments. Or you could just laugh at our answers down there, we don’t mind, we can take it.

The team were being interrogated by the Editor. 

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2 Responses to Fandom Wanderers: An Interview with the Team

  1. Julie says:

    Hey there, guys! It’s great to hear a little more about you all via this interview. That was a great idea!

    This has been another very interesting issue of Fandom Wanderers, and I’ll be looking forward to what’s coming up next. As someone who tends not to shed her former loves, fannish or otherwise, I’ve been enjoying your reviews of entertainment that is supposedly for kids, but is actually wide and deep and fun enough for adults, too. I haven’t watched much of NCIS, but I’ve loved what I’ve seen over the years, and I think that Abby and Ducky are extraordinary creations; it was great to get some real insight into the show here. The list of fandom terms was also very helpful; I’ve been in fandom for a long long time now, but things evolve, and the internet changed everything, so it’s great to have ways of catching up again, like this!

    Most of all, I have to say I really identified with ‘Fandom as Motivation’. Fandom is where I learned to write, among other things, and is certainly where I have drawn a lot of energy from over the years – and, as you say, Ellie, it provides so many creative heroes from whom you can draw inspiration. You three are certainly part of all that for me!

    • Thank you, Julie – the whole team were very touched by your kind words! We’re glad you’re enjoying our little webzine and… well, for once, even the editor is lost for words. Thanks for your support! –Ed.

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