Issue Five: Letters Page

There’s nothing better than hearing from you guys. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying about Issue Four.

Great interview! I have had the great privilege of having become good friends with Julie as a result of being a Merlin fan and have accompanied her on several of her locations quests which have all been totally awesome experiences; she is a great poster girl for fandom in general – a great enthusiast of many aspects of our beloved show who, through hard work, tenacity, talent and the sheer loveliness of her personality has managed to forge good relationships with many of those involved in the show and at the same time has enhanced others’ experience of Merlin fandom manifold!

Stella on ‘Merlin Locations: An Interview with Julie Bozza

We’re glad you liked the interview. We love Julie too! She’s certainly a great example of doing fandom right. –Ed.

Could you please do an article on the rampant racisim in fandoms especially in the Merlin, Dr Who and True Blood fandoms. These are for the most part white girls and some Asian Americans usually teenagers or in their early 20s who have such a level of hate, that is outstrips mere fandom and must come from their real lives. This needs to be looked at and although I’m asking you I know it will not be done as it’s the nasty side of fandom but these racists need to be called out. You should ask them why they are the way they are and why they find is so hard to watch people who aren’t white on the TV or in film. I know you won’t do this article but I thought I’d would ask.

me on ‘Fandom and the Emotional Connection

We can’t say we’ve really seen much evidence of racism in these fandoms ourselves, although we’re sure the problems do exist. However, your comment makes a lot of assumptions, both about the people at the root of the issue and, I’m afraid, about our ability to track them down and get them to talk!
As you acknowledge, it seems that the attitudes you’re referring to spill over from other aspects of people’s lives; it’s not strictly a fandom issue and really, we don’t feel that we could do such a subject justice. While we have no problem covering the downsides of fandom – our tips for using social networking sites with celebrities were heavily influenced by the negative behaviours of fans – we are wary of getting into topics that are way beyond us. Giving racism the thorough examination it merits would take a very long time and we would want to do it well!
That said, we can’t rule out the possibility that we might one day touch upon such a subject if we feel it needs addressing from a fandom perspective. At the moment, however, we simply don’t have the data or evidence to proceed.
Thanks for getting in touch, and we hope you feel we’ve addressed your request fairly. -Ed.

Such a beautiful interview! I’ve just got back from a week-long holiday inspired completely from the Merlin Locations Website!!! I had such an extraordinary time (even if the family didn’t particulary find staring an a small hut in a muddy field as exiting)! I’ve visted the site very frequently ever since it ‘aired’, and I know I will continue to long after the show ends! Expect a large ‘thank you’ email from me soon, Julie, as I have much to thank you for! The information and you’re brilliant personal comments/insights have been marvelous!

Cara on ‘Merlin Locations: An Interview with Julie Bozza

We’re glad you liked the interview, and we hope you had a fantastic holiday! It’s nice to hear about the site in action. –Ed.

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