Issue Six: Letters Page

We really do love hearing from you guys – thanks for your tweets, emails and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying about Issue Five.

Hey there, guys! It’s great to hear a little more about you all via this interview. That was a great idea!

This has been another very interesting issue of Fandom Wanderers, and I’ll be looking forward to what’s coming up next. As someone who tends not to shed her former loves, fannish or otherwise, I’ve been enjoying your reviews of entertainment that is supposedly for kids, but is actually wide and deep and fun enough for adults, too. I haven’t watched much of NCIS, but I’ve loved what I’ve seen over the years, and I think that Abby and Ducky are extraordinary creations; it was great to get some real insight into the show here. The list of fandom terms was also very helpful; I’ve been in fandom for a long long time now, but things evolve, and the internet changed everything, so it’s great to have ways of catching up again, like this!

Most of all, I have to say I really identified with ‘Fandom as Motivation’. Fandom is where I learned to write, among other things, and is certainly where I have drawn a lot of energy from over the years – and, as you say, Ellie, it provides so many creative heroes from whom you can draw inspiration. You three are certainly part of all that for me!

Julie on ‘Fandom Wanderers: An Interview with the Team’

Thank you, Julie – the whole team were very touched by your kind words! We’re glad you’re enjoying our little webzine and… well, for once, even the editor is lost for words. Thanks for your support! –Ed.

As a proud headbanger and somewhat failed amateur guitarist (the worse kind), I can say that it’s the same with music: pretty much every guitarist out there picked up an axe ’cause they saw someone who looked cool with it play one. And as for the number of bands out there that started off as cover bands or bands that just wanted to hybridize the sound of two or more bands into one (from “X had an influence on Y’s sound” to Hayseed Dixie and other wierdness like that), well, there’s lots of them. if not all.

D. Bruce Fraser on ‘Fandom as Motivation’

We couldn’t agree more – it’s human nature to emulate our heroes, and it’s great when that inspires us to do things we might not otherwise have dared. Thanks for getting in touch (and we’re sure you’re not that bad with a guitar)! –Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • House Pride: We asked you Harry Potter-loving wanderers what houses you were in. @amysaurus1 and @superfreak32 got in touch to tell us they were awesome Ravenclaws, @Masqueblanc, @alis_bear and @MariaMarsbar chipped in with some Slytherin pride and @julie_bozza reckoned she probably belonged in Gryffindor. What we want to know, wanderers, is where are all the Hufflepuffs? (If only we could find them…)
  • We asked if you were excited about the new series of Doctor Who. As @Stormaggedon24 pointed out, that was a silly question.
  • We had a very brief chat with @EliseOvervik about how excited the Hunger Games fandom was about the casting of Finnick. The Hunger Games fandom were really quite excited about the casting of Finnick!
  • And finally, we asked y’all what your current obsessions were. @julie_bozza seemed very keen to let us know she enjoyed the BBC’s Merlin, but also admitted to a liking for Spamalot and Superstar. @MariaMarsbar told us she was into a variety of things – “StarKid. Harry Potter. Doctor Who. Musicals. The Avengers. Loki. Superheroes. Glee. Numerous YouTubers. Perry the Platypus.”

So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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