Issue Eight: A Note from the Editors

Greetings, wanderers!

We’ve been thrilled to get so many comments on the last issue – we had so many we decided to just pick a few for our letters page. The rest can, of course, still be found on the relevant article pages.

So, enough about last issue – what have we got for you this time? Well, our GUST is a show called Merlin that you might have heard of, and we’ve also got a review of Small Soldiers for your reading pleasure.

We’ve also had a bit of a think about why some people just don’t quite get fandom, and compiled some tips for you on giving good feedback. Of course, we’ve also got the last part of our Being Fandom series which, in this issue, talks about fandom taking over your life.

Finally, we’re pleased to present a Q&A with Anne B Walsh, fanfiction writer and author of A Widow In Waiting. Make sure you have a look at that!

Our next issue goes live on the 13th of October – while you’re waiting, you can join us on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Fandom Wanderers

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