Issue Eight: Letters Page

There’s nothing better than hearing from you guys. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying about Issue Seven…

Research is one of my favourite parts of writing fic. (Geekery is perhaps my middle name!) I really like for things I can’t seem to find out anywhere.

starrystarrrz on ‘Doing the Research’

There’s no harm in a little geekery here and there! We’d not heard of that one before, but will have to check it out!
Thanks for getting in touch! -Ed.

Ahh I’ve been looking for more Young Dracula interviews, there seems to be so little out there that I’m super excited to find this! Thanks for posting!! Really interesting to hear his point of view on the show, it sounds like you had a great chat! Hadn’t heard about Papadopoulos and Sons until now, but would like to see it! Hope to see some more YD cast members on here soon.

Samantha on ‘An Interview with Cesare Taurasi’

We definitely recommend checking out Papadopoulos and Sons – and we’ll see what we can do about further interviews. Thanks for commenting! -Ed.

I’ve been longing for an interview with this actor for absolutely ages! I can’t believe you got so much information out of him about Bertrand as well- I was definitely one of those fans wanting to know more about this super mysterious character.
And wow – what an absolutely lovely person [Cesare Taurasi] is! Too often interviews are very bland, same old questions, same old answers, nothing new or interesting, this one was much more like we were having a chat with you guys. [Cesare Taurasi] came across as exact opposite of Bertrand – really approachable and friendly (still gorgeous tho…..)
Only problem now is that I’m more excited than ever about seeing him on our screens in Young Dracula!

Rachel on ‘An Interview with Cesare Taurasi’

Cesare is indeed lovely. The FW team can’t wait for more Young Dracula either! We’re glad you like the interview. Thanks for commenting! -Ed.

We love hearing from you, so do get in touch with whatever you have to say! We’ll publish a selection each issue.

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