Issue Nine: Letters Page

We really love to hear from you, wanderers (reminds us people are reading)! Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying about Issue Eight.

Cool you did do something about harry potter thank you

Phee Evans on ‘An Interview with Anne B Walsh

Indeed we did! We do our best to honour your requests and suggestions, so if there’s something you’d like to see, do let us know! –Ed.

It’s great that you’ve made a profession out of your passion


mymethodicalmadness on ‘An Interview with Anne B Walsh

We couldn’t agree more – it’s wonderful to see someone living the dream! –Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • It’s been pretty quiet on our timeline this issue, but we did chat to a couple of people about what you’ve been up to. @juliebozza was pre-planning breakfast (very organised) because it was a bit late for cooking dinner when we asked, and @masqueblanc said she was thinking about doing some writing… as usual.
  • @masqueblanc also got in touch to let us know that she got A Widow In Waiting as a birthday present and couldn’t wait to read it!

So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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