Issue Ten: Letters Page

There’s nothing we love more than hearing from you all, Wanderers. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying about Issue Nine.

Hooley’s a legend, glad to hear that the film was creating a bit of a buzz!

starrystarrrz on ‘Good Vibrations

It certainly was. Definitely worth seeing when it hits cinemas, in our opinion (well, the one of us who’s already seen it)! Thanks for commenting! -Ed.

Brilliant article. You summed up so well the contradictions and paradoxes that made it so hard for me to describe this film. It made such an impact on me and stays with me still, not something you can readily say about the never endingly churned out linear unimaginative pap we are constantly exposed to. I loved the cutting, the spaces, the thankful lack of background musak, the visually mesmerising prescence and movement of Zoe Grisedale. Set for cult and mainstream success and we saw it’s premiere.

perry on ‘Live East Die Young

We did our best to give an accurate impression of the film, but you’re right – it’s hard to describe! It’s great to hear from you, thanks for commenting! -Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • We asked what you were in the mood to be watching/reading/doing, and @Nxt2normal told us that since it’s spooky season, she’d be watching The Walking Dead.
  • @AndreaKcc joined us in our longing for more Community – the new series, of course, having been postponed for the time being.
  • We asked if any of you had met people you’re fans of, and @Sherlock_DE sent us a list of people! Apparently they were all really nice.
  • Our tweeters resorted to talking about the weather as a Dementor-like fog closed in on our UK headquarters – @WickedMystra got in touch to tell us it was just as bad in Pennyslvania!

So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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