I Will Go Down with This Ship: How to Survive a Ship War

So you’re happy in your fandom, you’ve been there for a while and the people are all pretty cool. The fan output is always top notch, and generally, it’s just a fun place to be. And then, out of nowhere, come the shipping wars. We’ve all been there, we all have our tales to tell of fighting on the front lines – I remember the days of HHr vs RHr in the Harry Potter fandom. Dark times, dark times.

How can it be, that something so small and relatively harmless can cause such distress to any fandom? Well, dear Wanderers, it’s often because when it gets down to ship to ship combat, people tend to lose whatever they had that passes for sanity. So, here is your friendly neighbourhood Z to give some easy to remember tips so that if a ship combat breaks out in your fandom, well, you’ll know where the sandbags are

  • This one is simple, if you dislike a ship, DON’T TAG YOUR HATE. Okay, so more tumblr related, but honestly. Use an ‘anti’ tag, don’t use the main tag
  • Accept that not everyone will ship the same way as you
  • OTP does not have to be singular
  • Try to at least be CIVIL to people who hold different ships. You may not like their pairing, and they might not like yours, but you can put on the big children panties and be POLITE. Don’t make me get my clue stick, people.
  • Try to remember that shipping is NOT the be all and end all of a fandom. Unless romance based, but even then people.
  • Try to show respect for ALL the ships. In the words of Thumper: if you don’t got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • Mostly? Try to remember its all for fun, people. Don’t be harshing my mellow with your bad karma.

Z McAspurren (has seen some stuff, man)

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