Issue Eleven: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers!

Thanks for all your comments and tweets, please do keep them coming!

Now, what have we got for you this issue? Let’s see… Well, we’ve got a review of Wood Angel, another of RENT, and one of The Muppets.

Additionally, we’ve got some tips on how to survive the nigh-inevitable shipping wars in your fandom, and we’re taking a look at how fandom can be a force for good.

We’re also pleased to present the first installment of our new series, Forms of Fandom, which starts this issue with a look at fanfiction.

Our next issue will be on your screens on the 23rd of November, but in the meantime, why not follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook? We’re a chatty lot.

Fandom Wanderers

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