How to Keep Your Head While Gift-Shopping

Christmas bauble

Yes, ’tis the season and all that jolly old rot. And we here at Fandom Wanderers are trying to deal with all the craziness that comes with this time of year. Finals, shopping, and, well, actually shopping tends to fill up quite a lot of it, doesn’t it? Particularly if, like us, many of your friends are fellow wanderers of fandom, and you want to try to get them something related to whatever fandom it is that has piqued their interest. Well, worry … less! Dear Wanderers, here is your friendly neighbourhood Z with a quick tips guide to fandom shopping for this holiday season. These rules also apply for birthdays and whatnot and can be applied to pretty much any holiday that is celebrated with the giving of gifts, it’s just that since the most commonly celebrated one is coming up, well, that’s when this article was due for. On with the show!

Red wrapped present

  • Always have a rough idea in mind of how much you want to spend – Yes, I know, this one seems a bit ridiculous, but trust me, if you’ve got an upper limit in mind before going out and doing your spending, it will help you. If anything it’ll stop you getting caught up in the ‘oooh this would be good for…’ that always seems to strike when in shops. If doing it amongst your friends, and you’re all on tight budgets, feel free to set a spending limit on each other. Or do the ‘CHEAPEST PRESENT’ challenge. That’s always good for a laugh.

  • Check charity and thrift shops – People do clear outs at this time of year. Charity and thrift shops end up getting a lot of awesome things in stock for ridiculously pocket pleasing prices. And yes, you will often find yourself surprised at what you might find in one of these stores.

  •  Online shopping! – Okay, so this one isn’t such a surprise, but it’s more of a ‘be careful where you use’. For that unique gift, why not try Etsy? Amazon and Ebay are always good help and many others like ThinkGeek and Big Bad Toystore can be good. Not to mention sites like Lulu, and RedBubble. Remember to check the shipping dates on these sites though! Many will have a date that must be ordered by if you want to recieve your parcels in time for Christmas!

Okay, so that’s the general advice out of the way, the advice that anyone could give you. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, the stuff you come to this webzine for. Let’s get to the fandom side of things!

  • Commissions – A lot of fantastic artists out there will be looking for some extra money at this time of year, and their prices are always reasonable for the work they output. Consider getting that special Wanderer in your life a commissioned sketch of their favourite character.

  • Fan-fiction – A gift that can cost nothing but bring every sort of feel to a person. This is a choice for those of you who have that special something with words. Write your friends something that will make them laugh, or smile, or break down with the sheer amount of feels.

  • Fan-videos/Fan created media – See above. It’s pretty much the same. Actually, let’s lump all fan created media in here and be done with it. Stuff done especially for a person is extra special to that person, and always happily received.

  • THINK ABOUT THEIR FANDOMS – Yes. Capitals. There are reasons for this that would be obvious to those in fandoms. Unless your friend/family member/other is something who doesn’t particularly mind going to the crack in their fandom, try to keep whatever you get them appropriate for them. Yes, that means no buying Twilight fans stakes. I see you back there, tempted to do it. No! Now put it down and get thee to Forbidden Planet!

Here’s hoping that SOMETHING mentioned here will be able to help you out in your shopping. If you’re not shopping I am jealous of you and wish I had that luxury. Now, what to get the Discworld fan who has everything…?

Z McAspurren (Whovians get a special gift from the BBC; they call it a Christmas Special)

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