New Year Resolutions (Fandom Style)

So, after watching the delightful Bridget Jones over the festive period, my belief in the power of New Year Resolutions has been renewed. Certainly, dear Wanderers, I will be making all the usual (and impossible) vows to lose weight, drink less coffee and stop buying pretty dresses because my wardrobe really is starting to creak. Of course, with fandom being such a substantial part of my life, I have also decided to make some fandom style resolutions which I’m going to share with you all. Curiously, I feel much more optimistic about them! Perhaps, you would like join me? After all, a New Year means a fresh start.

1. Get involved in a new fandom: One of the best things about fandom is that there is bound to be a group of people out there who love the same stuff as I do. However, sometimes it feels like there are too many fandoms to choose between and time constraints mean that I end up focusing on just one or two at a time. But, with all the fantastic films, T.V. shows and books in the world why limit myself?  So the next time I close the covers of  a particularly good book or leave the cinema wishing for more, I’m going to tell myself that it doesn’t have to end there. What better way to deal with those post-Christmas blues than to find something new and exciting to get involved with?

2.  Find new and creative ways of doing research: I love doing research, my inner geek rejoices when I head to the library, pick up a coffee and start browsing the non-fiction section. However, after reading Miss Musgrove’s tips on doing research, I wonder if I am becoming a little too stuck in my ways. Perhaps, it’s time I planned a day trip, or two, to a museum or place of historical interest, rope in some friends or family, make an occasion of it. All purely for the purpose of doing some serious research. Obviously…

3. Make contact: As a naturally shy and retiring person (I’m inserting the Editor’s ‘yeah right’ note now so as to save them the bother [Got me. -Ed.]), I understand that sometimes it can be quite daunting to approach other fans. When you are enjoying a brilliant piece of fan-fiction by a very popular author it can seem quite scary to approach them. However, I know from past experience that sometimes if you take the plunge and approach them then maybe, just maybe, you will find a new friend to share your passion for Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Twilight crossovers. So this year, a little less shyness and a bit more conversation please!

4. Try something different: Along with gaining new friends, being involved with a fandom can motivate you to explore new interests and skills. Hopefully, our Forms of Fandom series is giving you a taste of all the different activities that fans can participate in. There is so much to choose from – fanfiction, role-playing, vlogging, and fan-art just to name a few! I haven’t quite decided which new activity I’m going to try but I am definitely up for a challenge and even if my first few attempts aren’t exactly awe-inspiring works of art at least I’ve given it a try.

5. Finish off what you have started: Here’s the thing Wanderers, at the outset of a project you are always full of enthusiasm and ideas. Later on, it can be difficult to keep that momentum going, particularly if you hit a couple of creative blocks. Yet nothing drives me crazier than enjoying an excellent piece of writing only to find that it isn’t complete or finding that fantastic vlog series hasn’t been updated for months. So I am determined to finish off whatever I have started and for the sake of my sanity if you are the person producing that brilliant feminist analysis of a particular T.V. show involving vampires please do the same!

So, there we have it – all my good intentions for 2013! Why not get in touch with us (via email, Twitter or Facebook or by commenting below) and share yours?

Red Hamilton (Can I please have my own Mr Darcy?)

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