Issue Seventeen: Letters Page

We love getting messages from you, Wanderers. It makes us feel all warm and special inside. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each issue! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying since we published Issue Sixteen.

I thought that version of ‘Never Ever Getting Back Together’ Isuldur did recently was pretty cool. ( Kind of like Tumblr in song! :3

I also love it when you get to see the fannish sides of mainstream artists – like Rush fanboying over Tolkien enough to record tracks like Rivendell.

starrystarrrz on ‘Forms of Fandom: Part Five – Music to My Ears’

That is indeed a very creative rewrite! And yes, we get little shivers inside when the inner fan comes out of a mainstream musician… -Ed.

The replying to comments/reviews debate has waged for years, and will no doubt continue to do so, but it’s one of my fave aspects of writing fanfiction. I made some of my best fandom friends through thanking them for reviewing my fic, which led to more chatting. :3

starrystarrz on ‘It’s A Scary World Out There: How to Interact as a Fanfiction Writer’

Absolutely – we’ve done that too. And chatting is always good! Thanks for getting in touch. -Ed.

Thank you, I’m already watching the videoblog!!

VérodelaPrairie on ‘It Is a Truth Universally Acknowledged…’

We’re glad we reviewed something you enjoy. Thanks for getting in touch! -Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  •  We asked you about your favourite fanmusic – @samurang87 advised us to check out the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra and the Sherlock Fan Orchestra. We were amazed. @MightyFerocious mentioned Trock band Chameleon Circuit, and filled us with envy with the tale of actually meeting some of the band. We’re so jealous!
  • We also wanted to know what your fandoms called their people – @HansBoyland came up with an amazing list including lovatics, potterheads, jordaneers and demigods. @Roleves got in touch to remind us of the Hiddlestoners – as if we could forget!
  • We asked who your favourite characters from Cabin Pressure were – @Masqueblanc  picked a rather obscure choice in the Air Traffic Controller, Karl. @221B_ritta came down rather decisively in favour of First Officer Douglas Richardson, and @LSprawling let us know that Arthur Shappey was brilliant!
  • We got to wondering which fictional character you’d choose to take your place at school or work for a week. @Masqueblanc got straight in with a solid choice – Hermione Granger, for a guaranteed First class degree. @HansBoyland also picked Hermione. @samurang87 plumped for the Doctor, since the Eleventh Doctor had done so well at taking over his friend Craig’s job in one episode. Good thinking – but @Violator_Merry also had a great thought, in that Jim Moriarty would be very amusing to colleagues. Let’s just hope that’s not happening in the same place as @KatlaThorlaksd, who picked Sherlock Holmes and John Watson on the grounds that they’re inseparable. @RyuNoYoake picked Smaug, so there are going to be some pretty lively – and terrifying! – schools and offices out there if this ever actually happens…
  • We asked if you’d ever done anything weird for your fandom. @Fools4869 admitted to a life full of fandom-related weirdness, and @samurang87 simply replied with the single word ‘Cumberwatch’…
  • A difficult question was put to you on Thursday: Would you rather live in Hogsmeade, Asgard, or Middle Earth? @samurang87 picked Hogsmeade, and suggested that a little time in Honeydukes’ sweet shop might not go amiss… Meanwhile, @Roleves wanted to join Loki’s army of mischief in Asgard. Middle Earth wasn’t such a popular option, but then again, it is swarming with orcs at this time of year…

 So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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