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Here at FW, we like things that last. Well, sort of. Short and sweet and readily available on DVD is also a type of thing we like – except the Sherlockians, but they’ve got cabin fever at the moment, so let’s not disturb them. The thing is though, when it comes to kid’s shows, with the big exception of things like Blue Peter, they don’t tend to last all that long. Which is a pity when you think of it really; surely a good concept should be able to be reworked and kept fresh long enough for a new generation of sproglets to enjoy? So, imagine my glee when I came across the information that this year is the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers.

Ah, Power Rangers, the story of five teenagers with attitude fighting off the assembled hordes of evil doers that came from across the galaxy to try to take over our little planet. That was the very first incarnation, of course. Yeah, you heard me right, first incarnation. There have been about 19 seasons of Power Rangers in total, and the majority of them are seperate team seasons, each doing their own little spin on the general concept of the show. While characters may be recurring over the seasons, and while there is some continuity (sing alon… okay, not the time) between the seasons, it is generally accepted that each is its own little thing, and just part of the greater Power Ranger universe. Of which there is yet to be expanded materials. I call fail; it’d be awesome to read some novels about the dark adventures of the Rangers, and the extent to which the Power has messed up their lives…

Oh, wait, right, kid’s show. Sorry, got a little too into the GUSTing there.

Power Rangers RPM logo

No, but, wait, this is the show that gave us its own dark AU. Yes, that’s right, a kiddie’s show got dark for a series, and it was pretty damn awesome and is always my recommendation for people to watch. Also, that’s how you can tell a series has been around for a while; it starts giving its own AUs – we had magic, space police, and now dark future. Power Rangers RPM, the last series produced when Disney owned the brand. Yeah, Disney appear once more in a GUST review, I’m starting to think there’s something going on with that company… Though, to be fair, they really didn’t know what to do with the series when they had it. See, the original owners, Saban, for all their rights and wrongs, knew how to market the series as the action-sci-fi-comedy that it was. (Who remembers Bulk and Skull? Likely your first introduction to well done slapstick). Disney on the other hand, well… they didn’t, and by the time RPM was coming around, it was likely to be the last series produced.

So they went “to hell with it” and brought us what can only be described as Power Rangers meets Terminator. Yes, I said that, and yes, RPM is that awesome. It does everything big and grand and you get a sense that this is it, this time the Rangers really are the last defence the Earth has in this great disaster. As far as seasons go, this one is epic on every scale and I can’t actually describe it too much without descending into a puddle of fan squee and flails. I have feelings about giant robot battles, and Power Rangers fulfills my need for them very well. If this was to be the last season that was ever made of Power Rangers, then they went out on a high.

But it’s not the end of the story. Saban bought the brand back. Saban brought out Power Rangers Samurai which, while good, did have a lot to live up to in regards to the season that came before it. Your mileage may vary on whether or not it quite managed this task. But, and this is the most important thing, it’s the 20th anniversary year, Saban own the brand again, and it’s going to be … Mega.

Power Rangers Megaforce logo

Z McAspurren (Morphenomenal)

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