Issue Nineteen: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers!

It appears that we are in fact a team of Mad March Hares, and with the beginning of March has come an influx of general silliness in the office. We hope this doesn’t affect your enjoyment of our articles too much, and that everyone will be back to normal for next issue. Yes, I am giving the team a pointed look as I type.

At any rate, we’ve had fun hearing from you, as usual, and the letters page can be found here should you wish to peruse it.

We’ve also got some reviews for you: Wicked and We Will Rock You, and of course our GUST this issue, which is The Princess Bride.

In a more editorial vein, we’re wrapping up our ‘Forms of Fandom‘ series with a bit of a think about the many other varying ways fandom can be expressed. We’ve got a tips page on how (not) to write for this publication that will prove exactly what we mean about the madness, and we also have an article on fandom as, well, procrastination, mostly.

Our next issue will be on the 16th of March, so check back then, but in the meantime you can keep in touch with us via Twitter and Facebook. We love hearing from you, so please do tweet, comment at the bottom of articles or email us at!

Fandom Wanderers

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