How to Survive ‘The End’

I’m afraid you will all find me in a rather sad and bewildered state this fortnight. In recent weeks, my mood has swung from ‘Too many awesome television shows to keep up with’ to ‘No, no no – why you all must leave me like this?’ Between the humorous ending of Death in Paradise and the epic finale of Being Human, it’s been an emotional fortnight. Since, many of you may be going through the same ordeal as me, I thought I would share some of my coping strategies.

Disclaimer: Please note just because these are actually mine doesn’t mean that they are sensible!

  1. Denial. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting off the inevitable. You don’t have to immediately accept that your favourite television show/film franchise/book series is coming to an end. You can just avoid any mention of the finale, just pretend that it’s like any other episode or release for as long as possible. Who says you can’t bury your head in the sand? This has the advantage of avoiding that increasing sense of doom that accompanies a countdown to the end but be warned it can leave you reeling in shock when you inevitably have to face up to the truth.
  2. Indulge yourself. OK, fine, so you finally had to accept that it’s over, yes over, that means no more sparkling vampires, boy wizards or caped crusaders for you. But you know what? That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself by looking over the past. Many television channels now have websites which allow you to rewatch an entire series for a week or two after the air date. You can always re-read the entire book series starting from book one right through to the most recent. Not only can you savour it all one more time but perhaps even more importantly you can start to formulate theories about future plots/possible comebacks.
  3. A problem shared… One of the best things about being part of a fandom is that there are people out there who really do understand how you are feeling. Why not get out there and share your grief/shock/rage/excitement with the rest of the fandom? Chances are you will feel much better after having a good wailing/fangirling session with fellow fans. They’ll remind you that you are not alone and it’s all going to be ok.
  4. Set yourself a new goal. Sometimes, you need to pull yourself back together and start planning for the future. Like counting down the days until the DVD release date.
  5. Find solace in the written word. As previously discussed in our Forms of Fandom series, fanfiction can be a great way of exploring the characters/issues/possible plots of your favourite books, films and television shows. If you simply can’t wait for more of your favourite consulting detective then maybe reading a great piece of fan-fiction about their possible adventures in the future will help you through the dark and difficult days until the new series.
  6. Time to move on! There are so many brilliant books, television shows and films out there to explore – so why not? You don’t have to limit yourself to just one franchise about vampires when there are so many out there, all with interesting and different perspectives. Perhaps, your involvement in one fandom will lead to you rediscovering a passion for another. What better way to get over an old love than to find another?

Red Hamilton (is off to chain-watch Being Human

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