Issue Twenty-Two: Letters Page

Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you! Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying since we published Issue Twenty.

Hello Fandom Wanderers
After reading your article about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I thought you might be interested in our new Jane Austen Fine Art Print project on Kickstarter.
Here is a link:

Andrew from Venn Studio, via email

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and congratulations on what looks to be a very successful campaign already! -Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • Several of you were kind enough to retweet us or pass on links to our latest issue. We appreciate it – thank you all very much!

  • We had a very interesting conversation with @221B_DE about the ‘Braised Broccoli with Mint Sauce’ fandom. Our twittermonkeys are still trying to work out if that’s actually a thing or not…

  • @HiddlesDarlings thanked us for the follow. If you follow us on Twitter, we do follow back – we like hearing from you all!

So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers, you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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