Write on Both Sides of the Paper: How to Revise as a Fan

So it’s coming up for that time of year again, Wanderers, where there’s going to be more than a few of you sitting the evil that is… exams! Dun, dun dun! … Work with me here, I’m not good with audio clips. But the point of this that we know exams can get you down, and that sometimes the only escape seems to be into fandom. So we here at Fandom Wanderers are gonna offer you some de-stressing and relaxation tips to actually get some work done, as well.

  • Study for 15-30 minutes at a time: Okay, so this one isn’t really a relaxing one but more of a working out what’s best for you one. The brain can only take in new information for 15 minutes at a time before it needs to relax, if I remember school properly, so yeah.
  • Work out what way you study best: Another non-relaxing one except it really sort of is. See, people learn in all sorts of different ways so it’s not going to be everyone who finds the sit down and read way that works for them. Maybe you need music. Maybe you need complete silence. Try to work out what’ll work best for you, and use it.
  • Have a reward system: okay, this is something i kind of worked out for myself. Reward yourself for every little bit done. 500 words of notes to write? Allow yourself a chapter of a fic when you’re done. Completed a few chapters in your reading? Watch an episode of Doctor Who. Just do something every so often to give yourself what is known as positive reinforcement so that your mind actively works with you on the whole studying thing.
  • Take regular breaks: This bears repeating a lot because god knows it’s easy enough to forget when it feels like you’re running out of time. Big thing to do is to breathe, just take deep big breaths and let the air circulate around you. Also tea. A lot of tea. And maybe an episode of something light.
  • Remember: as cliché as the saying goes? Exams aren’t the be all and end all. Life is a whole lot more than that exam no matter what the result. Just … try to chill out, my dear Wanderers.

Z. McAspurren (off to watch some Doctor Who)

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