‘Tis the Season: Convention Tips

Hello Wanderers, and welcome back to the usual FW Tips section of the ‘zine. Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s coming up to – or already is – convention season and geeks of all types will be getting ready to hit their local, or non-local, conventions with the greatest of glee.

However, conventions can be tricky things, especially if it’s your first time going to one, or you haven’t been to one in a while (and yes, a whole year can count as a while). So, there could be some caution on going into them. What do you do, what do you take, how much spending money do you need? All sorts of questions that can have all sorts of answers. So we here at Fandom Wanderers wanted to help all you dear readers. Well, try to help, we’re not exactly experts on all of this. But between us we’ve gathered some helpful hints and tips that we’re going to share with you to hope that you have the best convention times ever.

  • Prepare at LEAST the night before – This sounds silly, but if you are planning on cosplaying you’ll have been preparing for the convention weeks, if not months, in advance. And really, taking half an hour the night before you go to a con to put together a bag of basic stuff – water, pens, safe spot for money, making sure you have a fully charged phone – can help lead to a lot of ease the next morning on your way out to have convention fun times.
  • Google some info on the place where the convention is being held – another one that probably is so obvious I shouldn’t mention it, but sometimes it’s helpful to mention the obvious. Checking out the place the convention is being held is just one of those things that can come in helpful for the day – you could find out if there’s cash points or places for food nearby. Can you travel by car or would public transportation be more effective? Little things like these can help to make or break a day, so it’s always best to check them out beforehand.
  • MANNERS – We’ve already had an article talking about the importance of us fandom people showing our manners, but it’s a point that bears repeating because, unfortunately, conventions tend to be one of those times in which – despite best intentions – remembering the manners can be a little harder than you’d think. It’s not a bad thing, per se, but it can lead to mixed signals and other confusing things. Just remembering to say please and thank you at a dealer’s stall can be a little thing that leads to a little more niceness going round on a potentially stressful day.
  • Drink plenty – Another obvious one, but I speak as one who has seen how easy it is to forget when you’re having a lot of fun with convention friends. Peoples, convention halls can be hot. And the worst part of it can be that you don’t even realise how hot it is until you step outside. So, my advice to you, dear Wanderers, is to drink plently. Bring some water with you, and be prepared to part with some cash to get some more from the cooler that will likely be in the convention hall. Stay hydrated, people!
  • Cosplay does not mean Consent – Or in other words, respect people and their costume choices and don’t think that just because they’re wearing a leotard, that gives you permission to forget common courtesy. Even if they’re dressed at the character you fancy the most, you do not run up and hug them without their permission. I know, I know, you’re all intelligent people, you don’t need me telling you these painfully obvious tips, but there have been reports spreading ’round Tumblr of people being, well, not so respectful at different conventions. If just repeating it until you’re sick of hearing it means that people will remember, than I’ll repeat it till you’re sick of it.

Z McAspurren (Ninth or Tenth Doctor cosplay?)

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