More of the Same: Further Convention Tips

Hey there Wanderers, hope you’re all having nice enough days and weeks and that your time has been filled with your favourite fandoms having lots of nice stuff to entertain you with. Like cosplays. Or fanart. Or fic. Just something that you’d find fun and entertaining.

Last issue, we gave a few tips on what to do at a convention. Since then, we’ve been having more thoughts on it, and there are a few more tips we’d like to share with you. You know us, Wanderers, we’re the helpful sort of people here, and we’d like to make sure that come convention time, if you happen along to one, that you have all the little tricks of the trade ready to use should you need them. Again, these tips may seem obvious in places, but sometimes it bears to have the obvious repeated to you until you’re sick of hearing it. On with the show!

  • MONEY – Yes, I am capitalising this one. It’s a tip in many parts, really, so bear with me while I spell it out to you. Always know where your money is. Keep it close to you, and keep a tally on how much you’ve spent, and how much you’ve got left. If you have pockets, use them but at the same time keep a hand on them. Dealer’s halls are such an easy place to loose track of your money, and before you know it any money you’ve set aside for the day could be gone. On that note….
  • Keep food money separate – Okay, okay, I know it’s another obvious one, but this is one of those ones that can easily be forgotten when you see that holy grail of fandom merchandise you’ve been looking for. It’s just within your price limit if you spend every scrap of money that you have. We’ve all been there, Wanderers, but you really, really need to resist the temptation. Especially if you’re room sharing; it isn’t nice not to be able to pay your share in whatever your group is doing because you overindulged. (Not that we’re against overindulgence, but it all goes back to that thing we keep pressing on at you about manners.)
  • Don’t spend all your money on the first day – I know, I’m giving a lot of money related tips here, but it’s easy to forget yourself when you’re really excited about a convention. Convention veterans will have this one down to a tee; they’ll have their spending day planned out and have scoped out the stalls they like the look of and whatnot. Newbies, well, we have to learn it the hard way. (Yes, we, even your friendly neighbourhood Z made mistakes at her first couple of conventions.) Resist the … extreme temptation to go crazy and buy all the things you see. I know, I sound cruel, but trust me on this, just… resist temptation.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged – This is one of those ones that can be a bit of an odd one to recommend, depending on how phone reception actually is in the convention hall you go to; but it’s good advice nevertheless. If your phone is charged and on, then you’ll always be able to get in contact with people if you somehow get split off from your group, for example. Having a phone charged and ready to use is always a good idea; as is having pockets to keep it in but I understand that some cosplays just don’t allow for pockets. In these cases, we advise bringing a small bag.
  • Keep your belongings near you – Again with the obvious, but the obvious bears repeating my dear Wanderers. In fact, a lot of these tips are stating the obvious when it comes down to it. Perhaps the obvious is what needs repeating in the face of such great joy as convention times. But don’t leave your stuff lying around and don’t let it out of your sight.
  • Have fun!

Z McAspurren (has a convention coming up soon and will try to follow her own advice)

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