Hide Your Face So the World Will Never Find You: Cosplay Tips

Yeah, we’ve got a bit of a theme going with the tips the past couple of weeks. Blame it being convention season, Wanderers, there’s a lot of things that can be needed to be reminded of. Also as for the title of this thing…. I like Phantom of the Opera, and it had a song that fit. Now, as I probably don’t need to remind you, we’ve had an entire article on the nature of cosplay before so you may be wondering why we’re doing tips on the very same subject. Well, cosplay can be a tricky thing, especially if its your first time. Even seasoned pros can find themselves stuck at the last moment and running around like a headless chicken. … Has anyone actually seen that, by the way? Always been curious as to how the saying started. Not the point, I’m allowing myself to get distracted again. I always do that. I see something shiny and that’s me entertained for ten minutes. But, no, yes, today we are looking at tips for cosplayers. Some will be obvious, of course, some will be there to remind people to calm down, and some will just be… there. On with the show!

  • Make sure your reference picture is very clear – That might seem a bit too obvious, but grainy pictures are still out there, and more often than not it’ll be the very minute you want a clear picture that you won’t be able to find one. The clearer the reference picture is, the easier you’ll find it to make the costume you want to make
  • If just starting out, find easy to follow patterns – Listen, take it from someone who sat through a fashion and textiles class with no idea how they actually ended up in that class, paper patterns can be really tricky. I guess this is a type of walk before you can run piece of advice, but please, for your first cosplay that you happen to be making yourself, stick to something simple. Sewing stripes on a waistcoat to make it look like it’s from the time period of Les Miserables is a good example.
  • Don’t worry if you’re running out of time – Even if you really, really wanted to cosplay at this convention you’re going to, if you’re pressed for time, there’s no point stressing yourself out trying to finish something that won’t be done in a short space of time. Put it to one side, and learn from the experience. Seasoned cosplayers will often have a backup cosplay in case of this happening.
  • Prepare a backup cosplay – Okay, I know I just mentioned it in the previous tip, but it’s good advice to give. Prepare a simple, backup cosplay. Something that can be thrown together at the last minute and still look pretty damn cool. It also helps if this backup cosplay is very comfortable. Easy to do cosplays can include a Hogwarts student – all you need is a white shirt, and a house tie.
  • Keep a sewing kit/glue nearby on the day – There’s nothing worse than a bit of your cosplay falling apart when you get to the convention hall. It’s one of those moments of complete irritation, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Unless, of course, you packed a little kit to help with such a situation. Trust me on this, being prepared is always a good idea.
  • Make sure you have somewhere to keep your phone/money – Yes, even if it means bringing along a bag that would be totally not what the character you’re cosplaying as would carry, just make sure you’ve got somewhere safe to keep this stuff. Pockets, of course, are the best things ever, but not all cosplays allow for pockets, for those that do; make use of them!

Z McAspurren (just got her cosplay wig in, needs a lot of kirpie grips)

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