Issue Twenty-Nine: A Note from the Editors

Howdy, Wanderers!

We’ve got a pretty cool issue for you this fortnight, which is just as well because here at Fandom Wanderers HQ it’s scorching. We’ve been using your letters (well, printouts of the letters page) to make into paper fans, but we’ve also been reading them with interest so please do keep sending them.

Onto business – this issue we have a review of World War Z, we’re branching out into games reviews with Professor Layton and the Curious Villageand our GUST for you this issue is Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.

Meanwhile, on the editorial side, we’re having a think about how fandoms can be separated from the thing they’re fans of, we’ve got some FW Tips on Q & As, and we have a bit of a look at collectors.

Important note: Everyone here at FWHQ has put in for holiday at the same time, and as Editor, I’m too nice to make any of them wait, so Fandom Wanderers as a whole is taking a fortnight off. There will therefore be no new issue on the 3rd of August – Issue Thirty will be out on the 17th August. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you’ll stick with us until our return.

Of course, we will still be around on  Facebook and Twitter if you want to get in touch with us – what a perfect time to let us know what you’d like to see when we get back!

Enjoy the break, Wanderers, stay cool, and we’ll see you on the other side!

Fandom Wanderers

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