So You’re Getting Into a New Fandom…

Hello Wanderers, and welcome back to your whenever-we-put-it-out [Fortnightly. Is that so hard to remember? -Ed.] tips article! Cue the cheesy intro theme music that sounds like its from the 1980s and that everyone turns and smiles in. Or epic rock guitar opening that has exposition on it but you don’t care because epic rock guitar. No? Oh well, choose an opening of your own liking then, I think I’ll stick with the epic rock guitar.

Anyways, not what we’re here for. We’re here to give you tips about getting into a shiny new fandom. Not that the fandom itself is new, that’s another article, but that it’s new to you in particular. I think that’s made it a little clearer. I hope it has. Moving on, this is hopefully going to be a little read that will help you know what to do when you enter a new-to-you fandom. So, here we go.

  • It helps to do some research – Yeah, I know, this one sounds like we’re making you do homework, and I guess in a way it is but… The only way I can explain it is that it can get to a point that when you’ve got all these new people asking the same question again and again… well fandom members can become tetchy too. Try to have some empathy for your brethren and at least check the Wikipedia article? Google is your friend, you know.

  • Don’t become the scary obsessive – That sounds rather demeaning I’m aware, but I’ll try to explain myself here a little. There’s always that fan (or fans) in a fandom. That one who takes the fun things of being a fan and makes them into, I don’t know, something like a job. With performance check ups and extremely high standards and how dare they do this, this is not what I wanted and… Okay, we get it. Sometimes it can be easy to get displeased by your fandom, but when you’re entering a new-to-you fandom, you don’t want other members wondering what you’re doing there if all you do is, well, complain about the media you’re being a fan of.

  • Spend some time getting to know what the fandom is like – You know, the most surprising fandom to me is the Hannibal fandom. Occasional ‘humanitarian’ jokes aside, they’re actually incredibly chilled out people, who just sit around making flower crowns for the characters. (Actually pics from the set suggest that the cast and crew are doing this now, as well.) So what I’m meaning to say here is … don’t go in with assumptions. Assumptions make an, well you know the saying. We all know the saying. Just don’t think you automatically have the idea of what a fandom is going to be like until you’ve spent some time in it. Things are not always as they seem, dear Wanderers.

  • If you enter in the midst of drama, keep your head down – I know, it’s a scary thought, entering in the midst of some great drama happening. But timing is not always perfect, my dears, and it can happen, and probably has happened to some of you at least once. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot of advice we can give for this. Keeping your head down, and doing your best to stay out of as much of the drama as you can is basically all the advice we can give. It’ll blow over eventually, just bide your time, and try to enjoy the non fighting parts of the fandom in the mean time.

  • Enjoy yourself – Yes, I’m ending on the most obvious piece of advice that can ever be given but do you know what, Wanderers? It needs to be given. Like I mentioned earlier, there are some people who try to turn enjoying a fandom into a job, and yes, I mentioned the homework element but that’s more for your own peace of mind. For example: Marvel Movieverse fans, you don’t need to know the comics, but that bit of background knowledge can help to lead to more fun moments as you rewatch the movies and know what something is referencing. Fandom is meant to be fun, not work. Enjoy your new-to-you fandom, Wanderers, you deserve it.

Z McAspurren (is re-reading Sailor Moon. Hm. Maybe I should review it)

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