Issue Thirty-Three: A Note from the Editors

Greetings, Wanderers!

Thanks for all your messages – do please keep them coming as we love to hear from you!

This issue, we’ve got the second part of our ‘50 Years of Doctor Who‘ series, looking at The Three DoctorsWe’ve also got a review of hit US show Orphan Black, which is currently airing in the UK, and our GUST review this issue is Howl’s Moving Castlebrought to you by our newest team member.

On the more editorial side, we have a think about the different levels of fandom and how you can tell if you’ve dropped out of one. We’ve also got some FW Tips on how to use your fandom to make friends in the ‘real world’, and we’re looking at how a fandom can be great even without considering the source material.

Our next issue will be with you on the 12th of October, but until then you can get in touch through our Facebook and Twitter pages. We love hearing from you, so don’t be strangers!

Fandom Wanderers

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