Pumpkins Scream in the Dead of Night: Halloween Tips

Yes, I know, opening with a quote from a song in The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t exactly original for Hallowe’en, but it’s an epic song, I think we can all agree on that. Hallowe’en is one of those celebrations that seems to get bigger and bigger each year. At least, I think it seems that way for UK based Wanderers, I can’t really speak for any readers from other countries, but I welcome them to write in and tell us what Hallowe’en is like where they live! Speaking of that, I know that everyone has their own way to celebrate the day – especially those who celebrate the festival of Samhain, in which the origins of the modern Hallowe’en can be found. I’m not here to give a history lesson though, and to be perfectly fair, one of the reason I’m not doing that is because I am no where near educated enough on the subject of Samhain to be able to give it a proper and fair representation, so I’ll stick to the mass media perpetuated holiday, if you don’t mind.

So what’s this fortnight’s tips about? Well, basically just some suggestions on having a bit of fun on Hallowe’en. All meant in good humour, of course. Do enjoy, Wanderers.

  • Dress Up – Yes, the first thing people associate with the holiday, dressing up can be a right old laugh in and of itself. Whether your costume be scary, comedic, or downright bizarrely awesome, there’s room for everything when it comes to Hallowe’en. Of course, for those who identify as female, you may find yourself irritated that it seems the only costumes on offer are often described as ‘sexy’. Now, there is no judging on those who enjoy these costumes, but it would be nice for more variety for those who identify as female, rather than being stuck in this one category all the time. Luckily, this is where cosplayers will shine, so my advice? Find a cosplayer and ask them for help.

  • Watch Movies – Notice that I did not necessarily say ‘scary movies’. I know horror flicks are not to everyone’s tastes, and it’s really not fun forcing someone to watch something they’re clearly uncomfortable with. Fortunately, google will provide lists of ‘not-so-scary’ Hallowe’en movies for those who aren’t really into gore and scare fests, and it will also provide lists of movies that do fit those categories for those who want them. Movie watching is a great activity that can be enjoyed by many people, which is great if you’re going to have visitors round

  • Read – Like our All Hallows Read article suggests, reading can be a great activity for Hallowe’en, as the medium in which books appear can often allow for things to be far scarier than any movie or television show can provide you with, as your own mind can be far more creative. There are a lot of good novels of choice of there, classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, and more modern takes on Gothic Horror like The Moth Diaries. I’m sure your local library will be more than willing to help you find a spooky read for this holiday season.

  • Play Games – Yeah, this is reading more like a typical how to spend a Friday night if you don’t plan on going out type list but it can be fun to play games on Hallowe’en. There’s the typical things, like bobbing for apples, but I’m sure the creative minds out there can come up with spooky spins on traditional games for squeals of fun – blind man’s bluff, anyone?

  • PARTY! – Turn the music up loud (though watch out for local noise laws), pull out the seasonal decorations, and place out enough drinks and nibbles for all. A good party is a great way to spend Hallowe’en, especially when surrounded by friends, and the best kind of party? It’s the party that you decide what’s happening in it – so if you just want a video game marathon, go for it. Just have a fun time, Wanderers, and enjoy your Hallowe’en.

Zara McAspurren (Is The Nightmare Before Christmas more a Hallowe’en film, or a Christmas film?)

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