Issue Thirty-Six: Letters Page

Sometimes, dear Wanderers, it can be quite lonely to be the last one in the office trying to meet a deadline, but your messages always make things better. Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying since we published Issue Thirty-Five.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • We asked if you considered fandom to be ‘the circle you move in’. @travelingheidi made the excellent point that it’s usually better to move in multiple circles – multifandom, multiship, or just on more than one site.
  • A few days before Hallowe’en, and with the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who fast approaching, we asked which Who enemy scared you the most. @samurang87 proposed the Midnight Entity, and apparently nobody could think of anything scarier… we certainly couldn’t!
  • @ginnyb3 agreed that it doesn’t have to be Hallowe’en for you to enjoy the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Finally, we asked if fandom could actually improve your social life. @Kirsten_SE gave us a resounding ‘yes’, having met some great people on forums, twitter, and even in ‘real life’ because of fandom.

So, if you’re not following @FandomWanderers you’re missing out on some good gossip!

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