Issue Thirty-Nine: Letters Page

We love reading your messages, Wanderers. Don’t forget, you can:

Here’s what you’ve been saying since we published Issue Thirty-Eight.

My pet peeve with summaries is the question ones: “What if x did such and such? What would happen then?” That is not a summary, that is the question that made you want to start writing the story.

Beatrice_Otter on ‘How to Write the Perfect Summary for Your Fanfic

It can sometimes be useful to include a rhetorical question in your summary, but it is quite hard to get right and if used badly, we agree, it can make a summary unhelpful. Thanks for getting in touch! -Ed.

Sometimes it’s just an ongoing joke that gets out of control. My pseud “NotACat” (shared by one other person who seems to write exclusively in Cyrillic last I looked so easy to distinguish 😉 started out years ago in an IRC channel (where it is common to adjust names to reflect how much attention one might be paying…asleep, fetching coffee, etc) and there was someone else who had been known as “NotAFish” for ages (she is French and her name translates as something relevant IIRC) which sparked a spate of “NotA…” names of which “NotACow” (someone else) and “NotACat” (myself) stuck. We would adjust these according to status (NotASleepingCat, NotAWorkingCat, NotAHungryCat) and it just developed into a habit. Plus it’s easier to recall than FireboltCat78…

Phil Boswell on ‘Why Use a Pseud?

That’s a good point! And, of course, pseuds can also make it easier to clarify how feline – or not – you may be. Thanks for getting in touch! -Ed.

What we’ve been talking about on Twitter:

  • @samurang87 linked us to a ‘very true’ video on the theme of A Very Fangirl Christmas (external link)

So why not join us on Twitter at @FandomWanderers for more fandom chat?

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