Oh My God, He’s Wearing a Fez

Hello, Fandom Wanderers, and welcome to the final instalment of the 50 Years of Doctor Who series. On the day this article goes out – the 21st – there will be only four days left of the Eleventh’s Doctor time piloting the Tardis, and it goes without saying that Matt Smith will be missed in the role.

Regeneration is an odd concept, really, when you think about it. It’s basically a cheap way to explain recasting your lead character so that you can have more mileage out of the show. James Bond doesn’t bother explaining that, though fans of the series have come up with many interesting theories. But more than that, for Doctor Who, regeneration is a chance for a fresh start. So, before we get that, I thought I’d look back over this little series, and try to edit mistakes I’ve made, and then maybe have a look to the future, and discuss what we could hope for. And yes, there will possibly be unmarked spoilers for Day of the Doctor, though I’ll do my best not to be too forward about it all.

First of all, I have to address the reasons I gave for the Sixth Doctor’s regeneration. That was … well, entirely untrue but to save my face I will honestly admit I didn’t realise it was so until after the article was published, and I came across some information that had hitherto been unknown to me. The thing is though, I’m not going to openly discuss it here, as it’s mostly gossip that has been proven true and we try not to deal in gossip. However, you’re smart people, dear Wanderers, I’m sure that you can find out the information with a few strokes of your keys and some quiet googling. Needless to say, despite the way in which he was treated – which I will openly say was pretty damn rotten – Colin Baker deserves the title of uber fan of the series, considering how much he still loves the show and is willing to do things connected with it.

Speaking of, and a little detour here, what did you all think of The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot? Personally I found it hilarious, and coupled with the news that the BBC are potentially looking into doing mini web episodes with the past Doctors, well, let’s just say the 50th Anniversary Night was a good night for your local, friendly, neighbourhood Z. So now, here comes the big question, what’s next for Doctor Who? Where can it go from here?

Well, if you did see the 50th anniversary special, you’ll have a pretty goood idea as to what will be the over-arcing plot for the next few seasons – and yes, I do think it’s going to take a few seasons to do what needs to be done. It wouldn’t be as engaging if it happened easily. But what can we expect of the Doctor? Well, for him to be his pretty marvellous self would be a good place to start. And yes, I may be one of those fans who would love it if a certain aspect of Capaldi’s most well known role decided to influence his portrayal of the Doctor, but only if it’s made ‘canon’ that the Tardis has a swear filter. You know the Old Girl has one, deep down, you know it to be true.

But really, all of this is just smoke and vapour when you get down to it. We can’t really predict anything about the series, and let’s face it, that’s why a lot of us like it. Doctor Who is rather unique in its nature, anything could happen during the course of an episode, and just one line could turn the whole way we view the characters, or the show itself, around. As the audience, we’re always guessing, and always surprised. And you know what? That’s fantastic.

Here’s to another 50 years.

Z McAspurren.

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