Issue Forty: A Note from the Editors

Happy New Year, Wanderers!

We’ve got a bit of a theatre special for you this issue, which means a bit of a format shake-up. The letters page with all your messages is, of course, here as usual, and we’ve had so many lovely ones this issue! Thank you all for those.

On the editorial side of things, we’ve got a quick look at how we’ll believe almost anything in a theatre, a think about the special touches that make theatre so unique, and a brief reflection on why people with TVs and cinemas at their disposal still make the trip to the theatre.

In terms of reviews, we’ve got one of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse, and another of Monty Python’s Spamalot! Enjoy those.

‘The Ragamuffin Speaks’ is on a brief hiatus this issue due to a slight technical difficulty, but instead we are able to bring you a short interview with the team behind Fandom Wanderers as we chat about our favourite parts of our theatre experiences.

Our next issue will be appearing on the 18th of January, so don’t miss that – and in the meantime, you can catch up with us on our  Facebook and Twitter pages, or our new Tumblr page, so don’t be strangers!

Fandom Wanderers

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