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Issue Forty-Three: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! Thanks for all your messages, as usual – there are some here on the letters page. We’ve got some reviews for you, of course – The Stanley Parable, Mojo, and our GUST this issue, which is Roald Dahl’s Matilda. And on … Continue reading

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How to Take a Break from Fandom(s)

Wanderers, we’ve mentioned before that fandom is supposed to be fun. It’s often a coming-together of people who share similar interests and values. But sometimes, it all turns a bit sour, or you’re not feeling it just now, or you … Continue reading

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Gotta Be Positive

Okay, so, fair warning to all dear readers, this might be a bit of a ramble of an editorial, because it’s a bit of a stream of thought in places. I’ll try to not ramble too much, and keep it … Continue reading

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Issue Forty-Three: Letters Page

We love hearing what you all think, so please feel free to get in touch! Don’t forget, you can: email us at tweet us at @FandomWanderers get in touch via our Facebook page send us a message through our Tumblr comment at … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have To Be A Little Bit Naughty

It’s been another one of those fortnights here at FW. We’ve all had many ideas for many things, but interestingly not one of us had an idea for a GUST. Something that is very odd, because we all adore writing … Continue reading

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Branding in Fandom: I Will Always Love You

Happy (Belated) St Valentine’s Day! When I realised exactly what date this issue would be going live on, I instantly pitched the idea of a romance themed article to my beloved but highly dubious Editor. Their concern was, and quite … Continue reading

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Fandom As a Potential Nightmare

Wanderers, I need you to use your imagination. Today, I’m putting you in the shoes of an actor you admire. It doesn’t matter which one; it can just be you, if you were an actor, if you like. The important … Continue reading

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The End is Never: The Stanley Parable

Wanderers, there are a lot of open-world games out there, most of which allow you to run around in circles like a headless chicken for fifteen hours without really impacting on your ability to eventually complete your objective and progress … Continue reading

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Look in the Bins: Mojo

Wanderers, we’ve talked before about how awesome theatre is and so it will probably come as no great surprise to you that I went to take in a show the other day. What might surprise you is that I walked … Continue reading

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Issue Forty-Two: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! It’s all been a bit quiet on the letters front this issue – we love hearing from you, so do get in touch, whatever you want to say! Our reviewers have been hard at work – no GUST this … Continue reading

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