Issue Forty-Three: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers!

Thanks for all your messages, as usual – there are some here on the letters page.

We’ve got some reviews for you, of course – The Stanley Parable, Mojo, and our GUST this issue, which is Roald Dahl’s Matilda.

And on the editorial side, we have the next installment of our ‘Branding in Fandom‘ series, on a somewhat romantic theme. We’ve also got a pep talk on positivity, a bit of a thinking exercise for you as we walk a little way in someone else’s shoes, and our FW Tips are all about how to take a break from fandom when you need to.

The Ragamuffin Speaks will be back next issue, which comes out on the 1st of March – but if you’re missing us terribly and can’t wait that long, you can always come and spend some time chatting to us on FacebookTwitter, or Tumblr. Until next time, Wanderers!

Fandom Wanderers

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