Avengers Assemble: The Avengers

Superhero movies are very much a Thing. I know, you didn’t need telling this, but I thought the statement was an important one to start this article off with. Considering that the last time there was a superhero movie boom, it was … let’s say deflated by one movie in particular, which seemed to herald a start of sub-par films in the genre. And sub-par is being very nice about some of those films. Eventually, however, the tide began to turn, and we started seeing a return to good superhero films – with the occasional disappointment, but you can’t win them all. Then came the one we’re looking at today. A really, ridiculously good superhero movie. A really, ridiculously good movie in general. Yup, people, we’re looking at The Avengers.

The Avengers poster

 I know, I know, it’s been reviewed so, so much. Well, it’s a really good movie so… that explains the reasoning for that. So I’ll try not to do a typical review for this – which means this article will probably be a lot of rambling about different aspects of the movie – and try to explain why I like it so much. Because I really do like this movie, as do a lot of people. Like I said, it’s a really, ridiculously good movie. So, what’s the plot? Loki comes to Earth, and causes major shenanigans, leading to the bringing together of the Avengers to save the day.  Yeah, that seems about right. It’s been out two years, people, I know the statute of spoilers is still in place, but considering how hyped this movie was, you really should know at least the basic plot details already. If you don’t … I am honestly amazed, and genuinely wonder how you missed all the hype; there was just so much of it.

But, in a rare case, the hype was well deserved. The movie that we were given was really everything that you could hope for from a big team movie. The characters came together, they clashed, they got over their differences, and they fought side by side to protect the world. The action was well done, the dialogue was memorable, and everyone got an equal amount of screen-time, and moments to shine and be completely awesome. Even our villain of the piece, and really, Tom Hiddleston has really made the character of Loki his own. Actually, you could argue he’s even managed to influence the Marvel Comics version of the character – now starring in his own title; Loki: Agent of Asgard – but I’m personally of the opinion that if any villain was going to say “to hell with this” and try to change things, it would be Loki so… your mileage may vary. It helps that it’s all well written, so it’s a series worth checking out.

What else can I talk about in this review that hasn’t been done to death? I could explain all the very subtle, very clever moments given in each actor’s performance, that really makes it interesting to re-watch the movie and pick up on all of these little things. But, of course, TVTropes does that far better than I ever could. I could sit and praise Mark Ruffalo’s performance as Bruce Banner, bringing him to a point where he is no longer scared of the Hulk, but rather tired of all the troubles the other guy brings to his life. And, really, there’s no end to the praise I could heap on Scarlett Johansson, whose Black Widow really needs her own movie as soon as possible, because she is made of sheer and utter awesome.

Mostly, I just want to say this. The Avengers is the superhero movie I have waited my whole life to see. It manages to have a high risk, and its serious moments, without ever losing a sense of optimism that sometimes seem lacking in other movies of the genre. The movie takes superhero clichés and uses them in a way that makes them fun again. Yes, things are convenient, but that happens all the time in this genre, we just accept it. The eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot the set ups. All in all, if you only ever watch one superhero movie, make it The Avengers. You won’t regret it.

I’d give this film 5 out of 5 for sheer awesome.

Z McAspurren (‘Always we will fight as one’)

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