2 B A Master: A Pokemon Journey

Today – as in the day this is being written, not the day you’re reading it – for the first time in a really long time, I’ve made it to the Elite Four in Pokémon, specifically Pokémon X. Exp Share was really one of the best things that happened with the new generation, and if people want to moan and say it makes it too easy, I will be prepared to glare at them so very hard. Seriously; the amount of times I’ve grinded for hours with no real progress for my team… That’s not the point of this article, which I’m not entirely surely has a point as such. All I’m really aiming to do here is get across how much I like Pokémon, and how glad I am I was able to get a copy of the newest generation. So… let’s start at the beginning.

My first Pokémon game was Yellow. Yeah, the one that was more based on the anime. Well, there are reasons behind it, which basically boil down to not being able to find Red or Blue anywhere when I realised that I wanted to try this game everyone else was raving about, and by that time pre-orders were out for Yellow and… you get the idea. For a younger Z, the experience of going out, asking, and receiving a game that was meant solely for herself was actually a pretty awesome thing I was not the gamer of the family, and at most I would play the Sonic or Mario games. But finding that one game, the one that really opened up the idea of video gaming as a past time to me? It was a memorable moment. Even to the point where I got truly upset when the store I would get my games from went into liquidation, but the economy is not strong and businesses go bust all the time. Moving on.

It’s a simple story, but there are a lot of people out there with the same tale. Oh sure, little details will change; but for a lot of us the Pokémon games were the first that we played. And even if it’s not, there are a lot of people who have played the games, and they will hold their starter generation close to their heart; though I’d personally rather not hear arguments trying to place one generation above another, thanks very much. Now, personally, I started to get back into the franchise round about … HeartGold or Black. I have both, but can’t quite remember which one I purchased first. Honestly? I was amazed by the changes in graphics, and just how lovely the designs were. And shush, lovely is so a phrase that can be used here.

Then along came X. Oh dear Wanderer, the joy that X has brought me.

Visually, of course, it’s the best game so far. How can it not be? For the first time, we’re seeing everything in three dimensions, and the actual Pokémon themselves look brilliant in this sprites. And then the part of the game that actually lets you interact with your Pokémon, and develop a connection with them. For years, the games have been saying how you as a trainer have such a deep bond with your team, and for the first time, you’re actually able to go off and create this bond. It’s a beautiful thing. (Also; in terms of starters, Fennekin is the most adorable this time round, and its evolutions are actually awesome as well. Fire starters are so cool.)

I know, of course I know, that there are games out there that are technically considered ‘better’ games, but I’m not someone who games professionally. I mean, even with a really simple game, I like to take my time, and draw out the playing process as long as I can fully enjoy it. But for me, and I can only assume that there’s many others with the same sentiments, Pokémon is that game that I will never tire of. I can only wait with excitement to see what changes and improvements the next generation will bring, and what bad guys my team and I will have to face off against in our journey to become the best that we can be.

It’s going to be awesome.

Oh, and before anyone asks; Yellow is my favourite for nostalgia reasons, and I think Black/White have the best plot.

Z McAspurren (“I wanna be the very best…”)

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