How to Gather a Convention Team

So, Wanderers. We’ve talked about a lot of things to do with conventions in the past, but one thing we haven’t talked about is how to gather the perfect group of people to go to one with you. Anyone who’s ever played Dungeons & Dragons will know that having the right party behind you is important. While you might not need a rogue or a mage to attend a fan event, the friends you take with you are just as crucial. So here’s a quick FW breakdown of the types of people you might like to take with you.

  • The Planner: This friend always knows the train timetables, the signing schedules and the ticket prices, and will get you from A to B and back efficiently and with minimal chaos.
  • The Pantser: If chaos intervenes to push you off-course, this friend is pretty unflappable and resourceful, so they’ll get you back on track before your entire day can go south.
  • The Pack Mule: Anyone who’s got decent pockets or a backpack and is prepared to haul other people’s stuff around can be a complete livesaver, especially if other party members are in cosplay.
  • The Photographer: Pretty self-explanatory, this friend documents your day and makes sure there are tons of great photos on the social networks – but make sure you get them in a shot too!
  • The Ultimate Cosplayer: This friend is the one who’s constantly getting stopped for photos, and will make your whole group feel like megastars.
  • The Bouncer: This is the friend who’ll tell people to back off – especially people trying to pose with the Ultimate Cosplayer – and be exceptional in the capacity of moving you through crowds.
  • The Expert: This friend knows everything there is to know about the things you want to see, and they’re going to make sure you appreciate the full magnitude of all the great people you’re meeting.
  • The Veteran: They know the con, they’ve lived the con, and now they’ll make sure you have a great time at the con.
  • And most importantly, Your Friends: You can have the best skill-spanning party you could possibly wish for and it can still be no fun. Take your best friends and have a blast!

Eleanor Musgrove (is a pantser and a pack mule)

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