What to do During a Clear-Out

There comes a point in everyone’s fandom life when they realise they probably have too much in the way of DVDs, CDs, games, or whatever it is you may have. Actually, this is probably just a thing for everyone full stop, but I think that it tends to happen a lot faster for us fandom types. Now, obviously, we all do not possess unlimited space, and it will come to a point where you don’t have enough room for anything new without getting rid of the old. But how do you know what to get rid of? Surely everything has some special meaning to you? Fear not, dear Wanderers, for we here at FW at going to offer a few little tips that have been inspired by our own recent clear-outs:

  • Obviously the first thing to do is go through all the stuff. Consider whether you’ve used the item lately. If its a DVD, have you watched it lately? Can you maybe get the movie or show on some online streaming service, or available for download? Amazon UK have recently provided a video streaming and buying service like their US counterpart, and both Netflix and LoveFILM offer streaming services at reasonable rates. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your physical copy, but the knowledge can be useful if you are unsure of what to do:

  • Make different piles; stuff you want to keep, stuff you’re not sure on, and the things that you’re positive are going. For the middle pile, it really comes down to asking yourself the above questions.

  • General hint? If you got something only for the sake of completion, and don’t really have any feelings either way towards it? It’s best to get rid of. It just comes down to deciding whether to hand it in to a charity shop, or attempt to sell it. Now, for the latter, you have various options

  • For technology: Say you’ve got an outdated games console? Have you kept it in good condition? Right. Online searches will show that there’s many places that will offer cash or credit for old consoles – not as much for newer models, but a little goes a long way. Please note that the more complete your console is, the better. Having the box isn’t always a necessary thing, but keeping things like all the connecting wires, and controllers or chargers will always be helpful for these stores.

  • Likewise, for DVDs/CDs/games, you’ll find many trade-in shops that are always looking for stock to fill their shelves. For these stores you will find that it is generally an unspoken rule that they are looking for good quality merchandise and ideally with the original packaging.

  • Books can also be sold off, but again, good quality is what is being looked for. You also don’t get as much for books – people are downsizing their collections – so it may be best just to donate the items somewhere that will find the best use for them

  • Speaking of donations; do try to remember that while being able to get some money back on things you’ve spent money on is great, there is also a lot of greatness in donating items. Wanderers, if there’s one thing that I’ve seen prevalent in my long time in fandom, it’s that, as a whole, people can be extremely generous. So I will always recommend this option; it’s just a nice thing to do

  • Don’t forget the idea of re-purposing! Using old items to create something new. It’s very environmentally friendly, and it will get those fantastic creative juices flowing.

We hope that these tips have been able to give you some idea with what to do when you’re clearing stuff out. We wish you luck – personally, I’m still trying to finish my clear out.

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