Some Tips for Cosplaying

It’s coming up for that time of year again, people. Yes, that’s right, it’s just about time for pretty much all the conventions to happen, and even if you can’t get to any of the big ones, there’s a likely chance that a percentage of you have got a convention or to on your up-coming event list. Now, we’ve looked at tips to do with conventions directly more than twice before, and while they are worth a re-read, because that information is always handy, we’re not going to regurgitate the same information at you yet again. While for some things, we do have a policy of repeat it ’till you’re sick of hearing it, because it’s a sure way of making sure people listen, it’s not needed here. You’re all very smart people, we know that you’ll have gotten the convention thing down, or if it’s your first time, you’ll be looking for any helpful advice.

No, this time round, we thought we’d look at tips for cosplayers. Because, frankly, from personal experience? Any help is greatly appreciated. And again, these are just meant to be tips we’ve gathered from being involved in the scene or speaking to others in it, they are not rules, nor do we plan to force anyone to follow them. But if you find them helpful, that’s great!

  • Plan out your cosplay in advance – This is not to say that genius cannot be pulled off at the last minute, there are some people out there who really do have that skill. But for the rest of us mere mortals, we need a little bit of time to really prepare what we’re going to be cosplaying as, particularly if the costume requires props of some kind. And speaking of

  • Read the con’s rules for weapons and props in cosplay – Do this BEFORE you plan your cosplay, because it can be very annoying to have this awesome costume all ready, and then find out that the props you need do not adhere to the rules that the convention have set up. These rules are generally for the safety of everyone at the con, so it’s best to keep in line with them.

  • Make sure everything fits correctly – I know, I know, this is a glaring obvious one that I really shouldn’t have to say, but you’d be surprised. Doing a trial run at least a week before the convention helps to make time for any last minute adjustments that need to be done to the costume to make it absolutely perfect for you. This goes double for shoes, by the way. You are going to be on your feet nearly all day, make sure the shoes you are wearing are comfortable enough for you to do that!

  • If you can, bring along a patch-up kit – Sod’s Law dictates that if something can go wrong, it most likely will go wrong. Bearing this in mind, it’s probably best keep things on hand that can help to keep your cosplay in the best of condition. A small sewing kit, glue, sellotape, anything you might need to make a quick fix if you have to. There was a picture floating around Tumblr of someone who went to a convention as ‘Captain Patch-Up’, and their costume was simply just anything that would be needed to quickly fix a costume. This person is fantastic, and anyone who does anything similar is equally fantastic.

  • No judging other people’s appearance – Everyone is at a different level of cosplay, and the person who is just starting out deserves as much respect as the person who is an experienced hand at all of this. It goes without saying that this also counts for people of different sizes and aesthetics, but considering the amount of bad cosplay blogs out there that pick on people for not fitting a conventional interpretation of attractive… Don’t be that person, Wanderers. If someone has worked up the courage to come in a costume, please do your best to respect their courage.

  • Consider weather and heat – Seriously! If it looks like it’s going to rain, bring a rain coat. If it looks like it’s going to be a really warm day, make sure you stay as hydrated as possible, and do your best to ensure that you don’t overheat. Seriously, keeping cool in convention halls is really important, and we don’t want anyone getting ill because they haven’t given proper consideration to the weather conditions.

  • COSPLAY DOES NOT EQUAL CONSENT – Yes, I really did need to capslock that at you, sorry people. I know I’ve mentioned this in the convention tips before, but it bears repeating. Even if the costume could be considered ‘skimpy’ (which I don’t really like as a word, personally) that gives no-one the right to be rude, and touch or approach the cosplayer in a way that is not comfortable with them. Even if you want to just give someone a hug, make sure that it is okay with them first. People all have different needs, and we need to – as a group – come together and make sure everyone is comfortable in the cosplay environment. Then it just seems to be easier for everyone to have fun together. Which is what you want, really.

Z McAspurren (enjoys cosplaying, wants others to enjoy it too)

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