Fandom Wanderers is a webzine run by fans, for fans. We aim to explore the weird world of fandom, and hopefully bring you some interesting articles on the subject.

If you have comments, questions, or anything to say – or if there’s a particular topic you’d like us to take a look at – feel free to drop us an email at fandomwanderers@gmail.com. We’ll publish our favourites!

Fandom Wanderers releases a new issue every two weeks.
Waiting for the next issue? Join us on Twitter @FandomWanderers or like our Facebook page!

Images and other resources are generally used without permission but with our most sincere gratitude to their owners, and sources are given where possible. No infringement is intended. Rights owners who would like their property removed should email us and we will act as quickly as possible to remedy the situation. Opinions expressed in articles and comments are solely the opinions of the writer unless otherwise stated.
All articles are the copyright property of their writers and Fandom Wanderers. Please do not repost without permission (links are fine).

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