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Issue Twelve: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! We’ve all been a bit quiet this week, so no letters page. Very sad! Still, leave your comments, tweet us, email us, whatever you want to do, and we’ll be sure to put it on next week’s letters … Continue reading

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Fandom as Exploration

Much like any other creative outlet, fandom can provide you with the tools to question and explore some of the more difficult aspects of the world around us. There are so many emotive and controversial subjects out there (if not … Continue reading

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If Life Were to Suddenly Get Fair, I Doubt it Would Happen in High School

The Walt Disney Company, that corporation that for many of us basically spells out our entire childhoods, owns Marvel. Yup, you heard right. Disney, known for sugary sweet cuteness and happily-ever-after owns a publishing company that deals with comic books … Continue reading

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Being a Hero is Just Another Job

Even if you don’t have the extreme knowledge that some can claim to, you’ll likely be aware that there is more than just a couple of comics out there in the world. There’s a whole mass of them, spanning a … Continue reading

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Tips on Exploring Difficult Issues

Following on from Fandom as Exploration, what if you do decide to try and tackle some issues in your fan-based work? It can be quite a daunting prospect to consider exploring something as serious and emotive as say addiction or … Continue reading

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Forms of Fandom: Part Two – All the Web’s a Stage

This ongoing series looks at the various ways people get involved in fandom. This issue, we’re looking at roleplaying. Last issue, we had a think about fanfiction and the way it allows fans to explore the worlds and characters they … Continue reading

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Hero: 9 to 5: An Interview with Ian D Sharman

Ian D Sharman is a writer of comics. Sadly, you’ve probably not heard of his work – wow, don’t I feel like a hipster – but do check out the review of Hero: 9 to 5. Ian also happens to … Continue reading

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Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp as a vampire… yes please! I swear these were my precise words when I saw the trailer for Dark Shadows in the cinema. Admittedly, saying them out loud did raise a few giggles… and not just amongst my … Continue reading

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