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How to Gather a Convention Team

So, Wanderers. We’ve talked about a lot of things to do with conventions in the past, but one thing we haven’t talked about is how to gather the perfect group of people to go to one with you. Anyone who’s … Continue reading

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The Ragamuffin Speaks: Being a Model Convention-Goer

With the biggest comic con in the UK fast approaching I thought I’d write a bit about con etiquette this week. However, I’m not writing this from the point of view as a con attendee…so there’ll be no patronising exhortations … Continue reading

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How to Help a Q & A Go Smoothly

Wanderers! We know some of you are already sad about missing out on your favourite conventions (they do insist on being held so very far away) but some of you may be planning to go to one – or indeed, … Continue reading

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Hide Your Face So the World Will Never Find You: Cosplay Tips

Yeah, we’ve got a bit of a theme going with the tips the past couple of weeks. Blame it being convention season, Wanderers, there’s a lot of things that can be needed to be reminded of. Also as for the … Continue reading

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More of the Same: Further Convention Tips

Hey there Wanderers, hope you’re all having nice enough days and weeks and that your time has been filled with your favourite fandoms having lots of nice stuff to entertain you with. Like cosplays. Or fanart. Or fic. Just something … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season: Convention Tips

Hello Wanderers, and welcome back to the usual FW Tips section of the ‘zine. Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s coming up to – or already is – convention season and geeks of all types will be getting … Continue reading

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