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The Ragamuffin Speaks: Let’s Do Away with Cosplay’s Two Friends

Cosplay. Cosplay is awesome. Over my last eight years or so of attending UK conventions I’ve seen cosplay grow from a fairly obscure hobby enjoyed by a few dedicated fans to a huge phenomenon that has become an integral part … Continue reading

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Some Tips for Cosplaying

It’s coming up for that time of year again, people. Yes, that’s right, it’s just about time for pretty much all the conventions to happen, and even if you can’t get to any of the big ones, there’s a likely … Continue reading

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Fandom as… Expression of Gender and Sexuality

“Fandom is female. Fandom is male. Fandom lets female play at being male. Fandom bends gender, straight, gay, prude, promiscuous… Fandom doesn’t care about norms or taboos or boundaries. Fandom cares too much about norms and taboos and boundaries…Fandom knows … Continue reading

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Hide Your Face So the World Will Never Find You: Cosplay Tips

Yeah, we’ve got a bit of a theme going with the tips the past couple of weeks. Blame it being convention season, Wanderers, there’s a lot of things that can be needed to be reminded of. Also as for the … Continue reading

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Forms of Fandom: Part Six – Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade!

This ongoing series looks at the various ways people get involved in fandom. This issue, we’re looking at cosplay. Hello, my dear Wanderers, and welcome to the next installment on what format your fannish behaviour can take. … Sorry, we … Continue reading

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