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The Rest is Still Unwritten

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about fan-fiction. Now, I know we’ve written a good deal on the subject before, but there’s something about it that remains a compelling subject. So, here, have another one of Z’s rambling streams of … Continue reading

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How to Write the Perfect Summary for Your Fanfic

So you watched a fantastic film or read a brilliant book and you found yourself inspired. You’ve spent the past few days pouring your heart and soul into a new piece of fanfiction. You’ve worked hard on making sure the … Continue reading

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How to Write Canon Characters

Okay, so last issue we looked at writing original characters without falling into the various territories that come with the label of Sue/Stu, no matter what the original author’s intent was. It’s here we take a small moment to point … Continue reading

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How to Write Original Characters

Perhaps it is just me, but I genuinely think that one of the most divisive issues in fanfiction is the use of original characters. Fanfiction is essentially about using canon to craft your own stories in a well-known universe with … Continue reading

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It’s a Scary World Out There: How to Interact as a Fanfiction Writer

So in our Forms of Fandom: Fanfiction article, we (I) included a few bits of advice when engaging with it. But there weren’t very many, and they got a bit jumbled up with the rest of it, so here’s a few things to keep … Continue reading

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Forms of Fandom: Part One – Yeah, But What If…?

This ongoing series will look at the various ways people get involved in fandom. First up – fanfiction. When I first told my parents that I write fanfiction, they were not impressed. “Why can’t you write something original?” They whined. … Continue reading

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