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Issue Forty-Two: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! It’s all been a bit quiet on the letters front this issue – we love hearing from you, so do get in touch, whatever you want to say! Our reviewers have been hard at work – no GUST this … Continue reading

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He’s the Hero Gotham Deserves, But Not the One It Needs: Batman – The Dark Knight

So here it is, the response to our request for a review of Batman from the-blog-of-blogyness on Tumblr. I’m only sorry it’s taken so long! Ok, so for my review of Batman I chose The Dark Knight. This is for … Continue reading

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How To Be in Fandom

Yeah. Okay, I’ll hold my hands up and admit it, the idea for this issue’s tips is a little on the reaching for it side. But we received a request, that will be looked at in another issue, and it … Continue reading

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Fandom As Distinct from Following

Wanderers, you’re all your own people – pretty awesome people, if you don’t mind me saying so. But sometimes, when you’re a fan of a person, a company or a character, it can be easy to forget that we don’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

I was wondering what to review for this issue, dear Wanderers, when I realised that it was a more important choice than usual. After all, this issue is supposed to provide the answer to life, the universe and everything. Well, … Continue reading

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The Ragamuffin Speaks: Comics Aren’t Movies

I know this sounds obvious. I mean, it’s stunningly obvious. It’s like saying, “apples aren’t oranges.” Yet, it still needs to be said – comics aren’t movies. I hear comics being compared to and talked about as if they’re movies … Continue reading

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I’m That Kid’s Homeroom Teacher: The Gokusen

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun… No, sorry, I don’t really know why I’m quoting Mary Poppins at you, it just sort of came to the front of my mind as I was … Continue reading

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Branding in Fandom: The Distinguished Competition

To kick off our adventures in this series, I decided to start with two of quite possibly the best known brand names in the entertainment industry – Marvel and DC Comics. Both were founded in the 1930s, both have undergone … Continue reading

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Issue Forty-Two: Letters Page

Your messages are always welcome, Wanderers. It’s been a bit quiet this issue, so we’d really love to hear from you in the future! Don’t forget, you can: email us at fandomwanderers@gmail.com tweet us at @FandomWanderers get in touch via our Facebook page … Continue reading

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