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Issue Sixteen: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! What is it about January? The fortnight seems to have just flown by and now here we are, talking to you lovely folks again. We’ve been talking to some of you in the meantime, of course, and the … Continue reading

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It’s a Scary World Out There: How to Interact as a Fanfiction Writer

So in our Forms of Fandom: Fanfiction article, we (I) included a few bits of advice when engaging with it. But there weren’t very many, and they got a bit jumbled up with the rest of it, so here’s a few things to keep … Continue reading

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Fandom as an Occasional Logic Bypass

Wanderers, we’ve mentioned some of the weirder things fans sometimes do, before. From the really serious things, like impersonating people online, to the just mildly annoying things like tweeting people to tell them they should date their co-stars. Those things, … Continue reading

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Bing Bong: Cabin Pressure

‘Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, First Officer Douglas Richardson here. Just to let you know we’re making our final approach now into what I’m fairly sure is Fitton airfield. Unless it’s a farm. Or just possibly the A45…’ (series 1, … Continue reading

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It Is a Truth Universally Acknowledged…

…That Pride and Prejudice is one of those novels which, once read, will forever have some sort of impression upon the reader. Also, it’s one of those novels that have lasted long enough that if anyone complains of spoilers, you … Continue reading

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Adventure Is Out There!

Now, Wanderers, it may surprise you to learn that I’m a cynic, a contrary Mary so to speak. When a film receives critical acclaim and it seems like the entire world finds it necessary to rave and rant about just … Continue reading

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Issue Sixteen: Letters Page

We love getting messages from you, Wanderers. It makes us feel all warm and special inside. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Please keep them coming, and we’ll continue to share some of them with you in each … Continue reading

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Forms of Fandom: Part Five – Music to My Ears

This ongoing series looks at the various ways people get involved in fandom. This issue, we’re looking at fanmusic. Music is a huge part of modern life. It’s used so universally to set the mood of a scene in anything … Continue reading

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