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Issue Thirty: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! We’re back from our holidays, and how lovely it’s been to hear from you all while we were off! Our favourites are here on the letters page. Right, back to work! This issue we’ve got a GUST review of Percy … Continue reading

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A Morphine Toast: Third Star

“I’m twenty-nine, today. Won’t see thirty.” Alright, Wanderers? Feeling cheerful? Excellent; if you want to keep that feeling, go and read something else. Don’t get me wrong, Third Star has its beautifully light-hearted, high-spirited moments, but for the most part … Continue reading

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This is a Pen: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Hello all, and welcome once again to one of our many book reviews. We do seem to do a lot of them here at FW, mostly because when it comes down to it we’re all very big on reading and … Continue reading

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Issue Thirty: Letters Page

We’ve enjoyed our holidays, Wanderers, but it’s lovely to be back and to return to find such a lot of messages from you all. Get in touch whenever you like, and we’ll continue to share some of our favourite messages … Continue reading

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How to Pose for a Photo with Someone You’re a Fan of

Alright, Wanderers, you all probably know how to pose for a photo. But as a veteran of a fair few meet-and-greets, let me assure you of one thing: people find it very hard to focus when their absolute favourite celebrity … Continue reading

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You Will Have To Wade Through Blood: The White Queen

There is nothing quite like a bit of swashbuckling and romance in terms of Sunday night television. Something to brighten the ever increasing darkness of the evenings and distract us from the looming horror of Monday’s alarm clock. As soon … Continue reading

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Just Because It’s Online Doesn’t Mean Normal Rules Don’t Apply

There was a bit of a kick up in the One Direction fandom not so long ago when the magazine GQ released their variant September issue covers featuring the boys of the band, and a memorable quote from each from … Continue reading

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Fandom As a Source of Income

Wanderers, I know what you’re thinking. “We’ve done this already,” I’m sure you’re thinking, but you are mistaken. Today we’re not looking at fandom as a source of income for the people who own the rights to a film, show … Continue reading

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