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Issue Thirty-Four: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! A lot of you have been talking to us this fortnight – here’s the letters page to prove it – and this makes us feel very loved. Thanks to everyone who’s got in touch, and those who haven’t, … Continue reading

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Success Supposes Endeavour: Emma

Hello there peoples, and welcome to another review of another work of Austen. Why has brought this on? Well, that would be the starting of the new web-series by Hank Green and crew, Emma Approved. That will likely be reviewed at … Continue reading

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Fandom As a Guilty Pleasure

Last Sunday, I met up with a new friend at this random but completely fabulous superhero-themed café. Not only do they specialise in some of the most delicious milkshakes I’ve ever had but their walls are adorned with posters of … Continue reading

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How to Engage with Tumblr Fandoms

Wanderers, we have previously discussed social networking with people you’re a fan of. This time around, we’re going to think about another aspect of social networking – interacting with people who are also fans of people or things you’re a … Continue reading

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It’s Been a Backwards Kind of Day: Ponyo

Oh Wanderers, the GUST for this issue has fallen to me, and – in line with my previous review – it’s going to be another anime offering. Ponyo is a reimagining of the classic fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, … Continue reading

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Issue Thirty-Four: Letters Page

Thanks for chatting to us this issue, Wanderers – we enjoy our little chats, so don’t be strangers! Don’t forget, you can: email us at fandomwanderers@gmail.com tweet us at @FandomWanderers get in touch via our Facebook page comment at the … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Perfect: Constructive Criticism as a Fan

Wanderers, Wanderers, Wanderers. We all like to think that the things and people we’re fans of are perfect. We like to pretend that they are the pinnacle of artistic merit, the holy grail of social awareness, and occasionally even the … Continue reading

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“Just a Bit of Cosmic Angst”: The Five Doctors

Hello, Wanderers, and welcome once again to the next installment of 50 Years of Doctor Who. We’re fairly speeding by the Doctors at this rate, though granted that’s because yours truly has been (lazily) choosing the few multi Doctor episodes … Continue reading

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