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Issue Thirty-Two: A Note from the Editors

Hello, Wanderers! First of all, we’d like to apologise if there was any delay to your notification emails, WordPress subscribers – we’re not sure what happened there, but hopefully it’s all fixed now. We’d also like to thank anyone who … Continue reading

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Issue Thirty-Two: Letters Page

It’s been a busy time for a lot of you, with many Wanderers heading back to school, but we love hearing from you when you have time. Don’t forget, you can: email us at fandomwanderers@gmail.com tweet us at @FandomWanderers get … Continue reading

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The New Frontier: The Alternate Universes

The Alternate Universe (AU) is one that is mostly associated with fanfiction, although I would argue that it has a strong presence in fanart and fanvids as well. It is also a story tag that I, personally, have great trouble … Continue reading

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A Picture of Horror: Insidious

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a nice, solid horror movie, but since Insidious: Chapter Two has just been released I feel it might be a good time to look at the first Insidious film. So, with all the … Continue reading

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R-E-S-C-U-E – Rescue Aid Society

For those who don’t know what the Rescue Aid Society is, it is an international organisations, with delegates from every country in the United Nations, tasked with helping and protecting those in need. Oh, and they’re mice. Yes, this issue, … Continue reading

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Fandom As an Alternative Timeline

Wanderers, I don’t mean to make a habit of starting articles by regaling you with what I’ve been up to lately, but a few days ago I found myself stumbling across my own trail on the internet. On a whim, … Continue reading

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“…To be a Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension”

It’s a bit of a banner year for British sci-fi this year, what with it being the year of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, an’ all. Yup, that’s right – on the 23rd November this year, it will be … Continue reading

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So You’re Getting Into a New Fandom…

Hello Wanderers, and welcome back to your whenever-we-put-it-out [Fortnightly. Is that so hard to remember? -Ed.] tips article! Cue the cheesy intro theme music that sounds like its from the 1980s and that everyone turns and smiles in. Or epic rock … Continue reading

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