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Issue Twenty-Nine: A Note from the Editors

Howdy, Wanderers! We’ve got a pretty cool issue for you this fortnight, which is just as well because here at Fandom Wanderers HQ it’s scorching. We’ve been using your letters (well, printouts of the letters page) to make into paper … Continue reading

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Issue Twenty-Nine: Letters Page

We’ve been chatting despite the heat. Get in touch whenever you like, and we’ll continue to share some of our favourite messages with you! Don’t forget, you can: email us at fandomwanderers@gmail.com tweet us at @FandomWanderers get in touch via … Continue reading

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Look at This Stuff: Being a Collector

We all know, dear Wanderers of mine, about the various ways in which it is possible to be a member of a fandom. We can create fic, art, contribute meta discussions, make fantastic videos, and general participate in fandom any … Continue reading

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How to Help a Q & A Go Smoothly

Wanderers! We know some of you are already sad about missing out on your favourite conventions (they do insist on being held so very far away) but some of you may be planning to go to one – or indeed, … Continue reading

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Archaeologist, Detective, Gentleman: Professor Layton

There is nothing more terrifying than waking to an email from The Editor, the day before deadline, saying “Review please!” [Unfortunately, sometimes needs must. -Ed.] Especially, as I may have mentioned in my last review, I am fast running out of … Continue reading

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Fandom As Detachable

It’s a surprisingly common occurrence. One moment, you’re absolutely head-over-heels in love with a show, and the next minute you realise you have nothing in common with anyone else who loves it. In fact, its fans kind of drive you … Continue reading

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A Very Merry Unbirthday to You: Alice in Wonderland

First thing I am going to comment on: this heat makes a writer very lazy. All your friendly neighbourhood Z wants to do is watch her Xena DVDs and drink lots of water. And if you’re wondering whether there will … Continue reading

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An Oral History of the Zombie War: World War Z

It’s no secret that in the last ten years or so, Zombies have been done to death (oh, look, a pun!) in every genre and format imaginable: films, TV, books, comics, comedies, dramas, games, lunchboxes… The zombie genre is very much … Continue reading

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