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Branding in Fandom: Moon and Mouse

Competition is often perceived as something negative. The concept of rivalry is intuitively counterproductive to a particular idea of co-operation. One of the biggest risks with turning something into a competition or a competitor is that it seems to automatically … Continue reading

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Branding in Fandom: I Will Always Love You

Happy (Belated) St Valentine’s Day! When I realised exactly what date this issue would be going live on, I instantly pitched the idea of a romance themed article to my beloved but highly dubious Editor. Their concern was, and quite … Continue reading

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Branding in Fandom: The Distinguished Competition

To kick off our adventures in this series, I decided to start with two of quite possibly the best known brand names in the entertainment industry – Marvel and DC Comics. Both were founded in the 1930s, both have undergone … Continue reading

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Branding in Fandom: An Introduction

From household names which have been established for centuries to their lesser known counterparts, brands are now a part of our everyday life. From the moment we wake up in the morning (or, in some cases the afternoon) to the … Continue reading

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A Chat with the Team: Theatre Special

We’ve all been talking about theatre for so much of the last two weeks that we thought we’d give you a bit of an insight into Fandom Wanderers HQ. So, without further ado, here’s a quick snapshot of some of … Continue reading

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False to My Nature: Coriolanus

Warning: We consider this play old enough to allow for ‘spoiling’ the ending, so if you don’t want to see these spoilers we advise you to stop reading now. Would you have me, False to my nature? Rather say I … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing: Santa Claus: The Movie (1985)

I’d like to think that everyone has that special Christmas film, you know the one that means Christmas has officially arrived. The one that is as much a part of your Christmas traditions as the turkey, the Christmas crackers and … Continue reading

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How to Write the Perfect Summary for Your Fanfic

So you watched a fantastic film or read a brilliant book and you found yourself inspired. You’ve spent the past few days pouring your heart and soul into a new piece of fanfiction. You’ve worked hard on making sure the … Continue reading

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Fandom As a Guilty Pleasure

Last Sunday, I met up with a new friend at this random but completely fabulous superhero-themed café. Not only do they specialise in some of the most delicious milkshakes I’ve ever had but their walls are adorned with posters of … Continue reading

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You Will Have To Wade Through Blood: The White Queen

There is nothing quite like a bit of swashbuckling and romance in terms of Sunday night television. Something to brighten the ever increasing darkness of the evenings and distract us from the looming horror of Monday’s alarm clock. As soon … Continue reading

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