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Issue Forty-Seven: A Note from the Editors

Greetings, Wanderers! First things first – we’ve been nominated in the ‘Favourite Comics Related Website’ category of the Stan Lee Eagle Awards, which is a great honour. Nominations are open to everyone until May 16th in a wide range of … Continue reading

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A Whisper Among Friends: The Winter Soldier

When the opportunity arose for me to go and watch the latest Marvel offering Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I leapt at the chance. Although each film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is technically a stand-alone piece, each fits … Continue reading

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Fandom As: An Answer to the Question ‘Why?’

Oh Wanderers. This past fortnight has flown by and I once again find myself at the computer wondering what to write. Of course, everywhere I look there’s inspiration, but for this issue I want to explore something dear to all … Continue reading

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The Rest is Still Unwritten

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about fan-fiction. Now, I know we’ve written a good deal on the subject before, but there’s something about it that remains a compelling subject. So, here, have another one of Z’s rambling streams of … Continue reading

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The Ragamuffin Speaks: Nuggets Are Not The Only Fruit

Imagine, if you will, that a man walks into KFC in search of a beef burger. They do not serve beef burgers there, he’s informed that they do sell beefburgers at the McDonald’s across the road, but he insists that … Continue reading

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Turn Up the Juice and See What Shakes Loose

Less than a week ago, your friendly neighbourhood Z ended up looking after three of her little cousins, while the ‘adults’ conversed on … whatever matters it is they talk about. I don’t really know, I’m one of those people … Continue reading

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How to Gather a Convention Team

So, Wanderers. We’ve talked about a lot of things to do with conventions in the past, but one thing we haven’t talked about is how to gather the perfect group of people to go to one with you. Anyone who’s … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call a Bar Brawl

Wanderers, one of the best things that can happen for a comic reader is when they come across a comic that just ticks all their boxes, and is a really great read on top of that. Lately, I’ve come across … Continue reading

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